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21 Kapellgasse
Luzern, LU, 6004

+41 541 50 66

Physiotherapie und Pilates in der Rehabilitation. Jetzt mitten in der Altstadt von Luzern!

Wir sind Krankenkasse und EMR anerkannt!

Besuchen sie uns oder rufen sie uns an auf 041 541 50 66

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Pilates wird bei uns als Rehabilitationstraining durchgeführt. Seit Jahren wird diese Methode erfolgreich nach Verletzungen und Operationen angewandt.

Physiotherapy and Pilates

We use the STOTT®Pilates method to achieve our goals. Since many years this method garanties an optimal Rehabilitation after operations and tissue damage. We also use this method in professional sports like athletics, football, skiing, tennis, golf, etc. The method is perfect to gain an optimal stability of the spine by training the core muscles in different levels.

What is physiotherapy

The treatment of disease, injury, or deformity by physical methods such as massage, manual therapy, and exercise rather than by drugs or surgery; physiotherapy. We treat our patient evidence based and integrate the pilates rehabilitation methodic our treatment. 

what do we do

We review the patient and do an inspection to gather the information we need. We treat our patients evidence based and explain the goals and prognosis by our professional physiotherapists.


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041 541 50 66

We are QualiCert certified!

Your health insurance pays the bill when your doctor prescribed for physiotherapy

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We are EMR certified